Giving it a try

A few years ago I started a blog…think I put up all of 2 or 3 posts and that was it.  Perhaps this will end up that way, too.  Actually, I’m not real sure what I think about the whole blogging thing, but there are times when I feel like putting thoughts into a readable format can be good.  So, we’ll see how it goes.  I have a feeling this may do more for me than anyone who would happen to read it.

So, as I begin, it might be wise to go a true source of wisdom.  I read this last night in Psalm 9:10 — “Those who know Your name will trust in You, for You, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek You.”

Two things I draw out of that verse:

1.) We need to trust God….wow, pretty deep, huh?  And, yes, I came up with that all by myself.  How often do we ask God about something and then not trust that He hears and will come through for us?

2.) More important, He will not forsake us.  If we seek Him, if we trust Him, He will come through 100%.  It may not be in the time or manner I would prefer or expect, but He will not forsake us.  Pretty glad for that!

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