Fear of Failure

Just finished reading the book “Confessions of a Pastor” by Craig Groeschel. Good book with some good thoughts for both pastors and church members. One of the last chapters was “Fear of Failure.” He talked about his own fear of failing and how he had to overcome it. I appreciated his transparency as he shared about his first sermon, which he labeled a failure.

In speaking about failure he gave some principles for overcoming it. One was simply that we will fail. Not great news to hear, but we know that it is true. He also talked about how God uses failure to grow us and prepare us for future successes and the truth that God doesn’t fail.

What was interesting to me was the observation he made that as he continued in ministry, he took less risks than when he started in church work. Launching a multi-site church was a risky venture, but as the church grew, he became comfortable with the successes they had and it made him less prone to risk and then deal with failure.

In a different publication I read about a week ago, the same message came through. The longer we are in a position – at least as it relates to the church – the less likely we are to risk. We may take risks at the beginning – wanting to grow and be “successful” — but then become comfortable and secure with where we are…thus, less likely to risk and face potential failure.

Kind of makes you consider where you and I fall. How do we look at failure? Have we become comfortable with where we are that we won’t take the risk and thus open the door to failure? Failure can be embarassing, it can hurt our confidence and obviously keep us from taking risks in the future. But are we in a place where we have acheived a sense of comfort and don’t want to risk moving out of that?

What risks might God want us to take to move us from where we are to the place He wants us to be?

One thought on “Fear of Failure

  1. I love this! It’s so true of myself in different areas of my life. I think it’s also true of alot of christians/the church today (again, myself included) that we get comfortable with our lives and involvement of all the different things and activities to do inside the church, but Jesus didn’t want us to stay in our little comfort zone, he wants us to go out and spread his message. This is where my fear of failure comes in…what do I say, how do I say it, what if I don’t have the “right” answers to give someone??…..etc. Its a big risk to put yourself out there but one with big rewards not only for you but hopefully for that one person you may meet that decides to accept Jesus.

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