A Children’s Book & the book of Acts

I’m preparing to teach on our series on Acts, talking about when Gentiles became part of the church and what a BIG deal that was for the Jews of that day. With the continued focus on tolerance and acceptance today, it’s interesting to see how biased the Jewish people were against Gentiles, simply because they were not God’s chosen people.

To introduce this idea to high school students, I’m using a book called “I’m Glad I’m a Boy, I’m Glad I’m a Girl.” It pokes fun at how people see the roles of boys and girls. In reading some different comments on it, I think the author didn’t really think these things were true, but was poking fun at how people look at gender differences. It’s pretty funny and as I was searching for the book, I found it on the following blog. I share it so you can laugh a little today:

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