Former Students

One of the nice things that occurs over the holidays is that former students come home from college for brief visits. I had the opportunity to catch up with several students. We usually don’t have a lot of time to talk as they have family commitments and other things they are doing over break, but this Thanksgiving was rather refreshing for me.

All the students I caught up with attend “secular” universities . . . in other words, they don’t go to Bible College. One is getting ready to do her internship in social work next semester and then graduate. One is in his sophomore year and shared with me his desire to lead a mission trip next summer. Another is in her senior year (I think), but is close to making a decision to spend an extended amount of time out of the country with Campus Crusade for Christ. The other is finishing up this semester and then will be joining the Air Force.

What refreshed me was hearing how God is continuing to work in their lives, leading them in new directions and using them in some pretty cool ways. Not only was I refreshed, but also humbled . . . humbled at the fact that God gives me the opportunity to be a small part of people’s lives. I certainly cannot take any type of credit for what God is doing through them, but am humbled and grateful that I play a minor role in the story He is telling.


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