Primal book has arrived

I mentioned in a previous post that I was part of Mark Batterson’s blog tour for his new book “Primal.” Well, the book arrived on Saturday. I am looking forward to reading it and sharing what thoughts I have on it.

I checked out the first chapter over the weekend and really like the illustration he uses in to start things out. He and his wife took a trip to Rome (how cool would that be?!?) and describes a visit they made to an old church. I guess that the Romans had the practice of building new buildings on top of old buildings. While in the church he and his wife began to go down a set of stairs. He describes it as not only descending steps, but being like a portal going back in time. Each level of descent took them to a previous century until he felt like he was back at the time of first century church, where believers had to worship in catacombs for fear of the authorities. When faced with persecution and opposition, it causes one to consider what matters most…what is most important…what things are primal. In the book he is going to examine those things which should be primal to Christians today; those things that should motivate and drive us as God’s church.

I’m looking forward to hearing what he has to say and hope you might enjoy the descent, too.

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