Act and React

I’m reading Mark Batterson’s book “Primal” and am being challenged by what he writes. Here I was thinking I would get a good book to read and now God is using it to challenge me. What’s up with that?

Anyway, back to the book…in the early chapters of the book, Batterson writes about loving God with our hearts. He uses the example of someone who gets a heart transplant and how that changes how he/she lives. When we come into a relationship with God, He gives us a new heart. With that new heart, we are to express compassion and empathy for others just as God does. Then he has this powerful statement on page 22:

“In my experience, it’s much easier to act like a Christian than it is to react like one. Anyone can put on an act. But your reactions reveal what is really in your heart. And if you love God with all of your heart, you won’t just act like. You’ll react like it.”

In the preceding paragraphs, he had shared of a time he received some pretty stinging criticism and wanted to return fire.  Someone shared some information about his critic that caused Batterson to react with compassion rather than anger.

It is easy to act like a Christian.  I can go to church. Pray.  Carry my Bible.  Even read it from time to time.  Show up at the right times, in the right places, with the right people.  But it is much more difficult to react like a Christian.  When I am on the firing line, when I am attacked or accused, how do I react?  I need to let God to continue His transforming of my heart so my reactions are more like His.

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