I have been trying to be more God-aware (if that is a real phrase) in just the daily happenings of life.  I have been challenged by some authors I have read this year to see/hear/experience God within our daily activities.  God wants to speak to us; He does speak to us…we just have to listen.  I don’t always do real well with that, but I am trying.

He is always showing up – or at least, I think He is trying to show up – in our lives.  Through a prompting in our hearts to do something, an encouraging comment left by someone on Facebook (can God really use Facebook to speak??), through unexpected gifts and various other means.  I do want to be more God-aware.

This past week I was doing something quite mundane – ironing my shirt (I don’t like wrinkles) – and felt like God impressed something on my heart.  Trying to be more God-aware, I’ve been trying to sort through what exactly He is trying to say.  It’s both challenging and cool at the same time.  Imagine, GOD – the God of the universe- is trying to get our attention.  Are we aware?

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