Power of Encouragement

Well, we made it through the sermon on Sunday.  Actually, it went quite well.  My son did a good job for his first time in that role and I don’t think I did anything to throw him off.  I realized afterward that the church took a small risk in letting a teenager fill the role of preacher on a Sunday morning and I am grateful for their support of our young people.

Since then we have received some encouraging comments from people on the message.  You’ve probably received the perfunctory “good job” from people when it seems like the nice thing to say or the correct social courtesy.  But when people make a special effort — calling you on the phone, sending an email, writing a note — to express encouragement, it means a lot.  We received some of that in the last couple of days and it just reminded me of the power of encouragement.  I was appreciative of the support they gave my son (and me, too).

So, as you and I go through our week, who do we need to encourage?


One thought on “Power of Encouragement

  1. I am so happy it went well for you guys. What a great way to bond with your son! I always love when our young men preach and serve at our church. Those really are some of my favorite times, to see these young people learning and growing and becoming leaders. It’s really amazing and uplifting! What a blessing for you that your son preached with you.

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