What We Really Want

A few things have happened over the past few days – a service I attended and stuff I have read – that have brought me to this thought of what we really want.

My fiancée and I are reading a book called “Love & War.”  It is about relationships and marriage and is written by John & Staci Eldredge.  In one chapter they talk about one of the main things we want/need in a marriage is companionship.  With all that marriage has to offer, a basic need it fills is that need for companionship.


On Saturday I attended the memorial service of a gentleman from our church.  He and his wife were married 45 years.  There were four pastors who spoke at the service (and it only lasted an hour…wow!).  But the most powerful moment was when she spoke.  She shared about their relationship and how they made the most of the time they had together once they learned of his cancer.  It was a touching moment because not only did that service celebrate his life….it celebrated their lives.  Really…when you are married for 45 years, your lives are interwoven.  What affects one, affects the other.  You couldn’t talk about him without talking about her and vice versa.  What impacted people most during that service, in my observation, was the testimony of their relationship and that endured to “death do us part.”  I left the service thinking, “That is what we all really want.”


Each February we talk about relationships in our Student Ministry.  You know, dating and the guy/girl thing.  As I was reviewing some material for it, I watched a video of some teens on the street who responded to various questions about dating.  One questions was this:  “What is the best thing about having a boy/girlfriend?” One teen girl said, “Companionship.” Even at 15 or 16 years old, these students recognized how important that is to us.

What we really want to have are those kind of relationships.  To be known by someone.  To know someone else.  To share.  To celebrate.  To go through hard times with someone.  To have that companionship that endures through the various stages of life.  That is what we really want.  And you know what is also true…that is what God designed us for.

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