Being Genuine

I just came home from a great evening with some friends after watching a fabulous game of basketball. It wasn’t a play-off game of any sort. It was the Shooting Stars, a local team consisting of young men and women put together by our county MRDD. It was heart warming. These young people, all hampered by some sort of developmental challenge, played the game of basketball. Sure some traveled, some double dribbled, many times the ball was lost out-of-bounds, but many also took great joy in a basket made or, better yet, a basket made by someone else.

After the game, several of the players, cheerleaders and families went to the local Big Boy to eat. We were sitting at table with about 10 people. One of the Shooting Stars players, a young girl, came around and gave a hug to everyone seated there. Some she knew personally; most she did not. But to her, everyone was a friend. Everyone seated there was someone she cared about and was deserving of a hug or a pat on the back.

My thought was pretty simple: I wish I could love others like that. So real. So genuine. No strangers. No outsiders. Everyone is on equal ground. Reminds me of what Jesus said when He directed His followers to become like children. That’s what I saw tonight. That’s what I think He desires to see more in us. So real. So genuine. No strangers. No outsiders.¬† Everyone is on equal ground.

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