Back From Camp

Spent last week with about 75 fifth-seventh grade students at week of camp. It is an interesting mix of basketball players, students learning about science and others learning karate. Sounds different, but it really does work.

Our faculty was great and really poured their lives into the students. We had a baptism at the end of the week and prayed for another student who desired to recommit her life to walking daily with Jesus.

Camp provides a unique opportunity to be involved in the lives of students and I always enjoy going. We even had some fun while we were there. It was a good week and I am grateful to have been a part of it.

One thought on “Back From Camp

  1. Butler Springs has become a spiritual retreat for me – it is a special place & special people are there! It’s hard to believe “liking” spending a week with jr high kids, but God was glorified during the week and lives were changed – thanks to all who give of their time but more important give of their hearts!

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