Back 2 School

In a previous post I talked about my son turning 18. Well, now he is off to college. I actually have two freshmen this year…a freshman in high school and a freshman in college.

It’s a new experience having him at school. I have seen other families go through this transition and some have gone through it joyfully, while others have shed many tears.

I guess one of the emotions I think of is excitement. I remember the anticipation I had when I went off to school so I can relate to the excitement of my son (and the other freshmen) as they venture off to college for the first time.

I am trusting it will also be a learning and growing experience and God will use this year (and the ones that follow) to provide direction to my son and his classmates.

To everyone who is going back to school….have a great year!

One thought on “Back 2 School

  1. Doesn’t seem like that long ago, does it? Remember that day well; kinda got broadsided. Got a nice note from Josiah today. Love from OK.

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