Standing for Others

Will you stand in the gap for others?

That was the main question from the last three days.  I spent this weekend at the High School Retreat at Butler Springs with some of our students from WCC.  The theme for the weekend was “The Stand.”  During the weekend experience, we thought through what it means to stand for others by loving them (even those who are seen as unlovable), standing for truth, justice and beauty.  The worship was engaging and the students jumped into the different experience stations offered through the weekend.

The weather was great, especially for mid-November.  Saturday afternoon we played soccer and football…outside…in shorts.  It was close to 70 degrees and beautiful.  I was grateful for a warm weekend.

There were many other elements that added to the experience, but the highlight was listening to our students share specifically how they could stand in the gap for others.  They talked about being an example and leader to the younger students in our group.  They discussed how to influence older students and even adults as well.  One brought 1 Timothy 4 into the discussion (“Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example….”).

The conversation also turned to how to stand for others at school and in our community.  Many thoughts and ideas were shared along with the desire to carry this on once the retreat ended.

It is one thing to prompt students to discuss this or that.  It is another to hear what God is stirring in their hearts and how they desire to effectively stand for others.  One of the joys of student ministry (and the church in general) is to watch God work in the lives of students, to hear what is rising to the surface and listen them work out how they will make it real in their lives.  I look forward to partnering with them to help them stand for others.

Will you stand in the gap for others?


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