God is at work…we just need to be looking

Got a cool text yesterday.  A woman in our church texted a simple message – “so when are you available to baptize me?”  Turns out, we were all available today and I had the privilege of baptizing her this afternoon.

Now the cool thing is that I didn’t know she was even thinking about this decision.  She has been coming to church for a couple of years and her kids are involved in our IMPACT ministry.  I knew she was present in worship and was growing in her knowledge of Jesus.  It reminded me (again) that God is at work and we just need to be looking for what He is doing.  He is the one who changes people’s hearts and lives and uses a variety of ways and means to accomplish that work that only He can do.

A good reminder of Who is ultimately running the show and how you and I need to be looking and watching.

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