Big World or Big God?

I hardly ever listen to the radio anymore when I drive.  I have my iPod full of both music and sermon podcasts.  It’s great traveling with great speakers riding along with you!

This week I heard a message from a pastor who leads a church in Alabama (I think).  His message was near the end of 2010 so he was challenging his listeners with a few things as they headed into the new year.

He made this great observation regarding worship and how we see God.  He said (and this is a rough paraphrase, not an exact quote), “Sometimes when we come to church, we have a Big World and a Little God.  We see all of our problems and circumstances and they look big.  As we worship God, our God becomes bigger and our world becomes smaller.  We come in with a Big World and a Little God, but we leave with a Big God and a Little World.”

His point was that as we worship, as we recognize again who God is, we regain the right perspective.  It is so easy for us to become so focused on our current circumstances, we lose sight of how big God is and what He is able to do despite our circumstances.

Today, do we have a Big World or a Big God?

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