I dropped my pick….but worship went on

Well….it finally happened.  I had counted off the intro to our third song, started playing the eight measures and I dropped my guitar pick.  It would probably be better to say it flew out my hand and landed on the other side of my stand and microphone.  I missed at least a full measure, but snagged an extra pick I had on my stand and jumped back in before we started singing.

I knew it would eventually happen that I would lose a pick while playing.  Glad I had put extras on the stand so I wasn’t trying to grab it off the floor while the song was going in.  It definitely lowered the embarrassment factor.

Even though I lost the pick, worship went on.  One of the benefits of leading worship on a regular basis is seeing how our church family responds to different elements of the service.  Our job is not to put on a show, but to do our best to create an environment where people can express themselves to God.  It is humbling to see people engaged in worship, whether with closed eyes or raised hands or bowed heads, knowing that God is their focus.  It puts everyone in our  right place – God as the focus of the worship and the rest of us, whether leading or not, as participants.

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