One of My Favorite Pictures

This picture used to hang in one of the bedrooms at my Grandparents’ house in Thorntown, IN.  My dad found a copy of it so it is now hanging at my house.  I ran across the digital copy of it on Friday when I was looking through my computer files and wanted to post it.

My Grandpa is in the middle of the picture, standing just to the left of car, next to kid with the stripes on his sleeves.  My dad knows the whole story about this picture so maybe he will comment on it to give us the background (hint, hint).  My grandpa used to coach basketball and I just think this picture is so cool.  Everything about it screams Indiana basketball.

Grandpa passed away in 2002 and Grandma in 2008.  One of the memories I have from their home is this picture.  It is just a great reminder of him.

2 thoughts on “One of My Favorite Pictures

  1. Tony, I believe the year is 1953 (if I am off, it’s not by too much); one year or so before the Milan Indians beat the Muncie Central Bearcats 32-30 for the ISHAA championship, the shot and game that inspired Hoosiers. New Albany was the dominent team in that part of the state, and it was such a big deal that they let out school the next Monday and had a parade. I also think the cheerleaders were two sets of twins (left side of pic). The players I think I remember; Jim Frederick (again, think he is holding the sign on the right side) and Jim? Mattingly, who became a dentist (to Jim’s right, but I could not have that right, too). Dr. Mattingly attended Dad’s funeral. I used to sit on the bench sometimes at home games, but have no big memories past that point. The good old days! A lot simpler, with memories that may be a bit sweeter. Thanks for posting the picture; a great favorite of mine, too.

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