One of My Favorite Pictures – part 2

Here’s some of the story behind the picture.  I knew Dad could tell it in more detail than me.  If you have seen the movie Hoosiers you kind of get a sense of what is happening.  Thanks Dad!

I believe the year is 1953 (if I am off, it’s not by too much); one year or so before the Milan Indians beat the Muncie Central Bearcats 32-30 for the ISHAA championship, the shot and game that inspired Hoosiers. New Albany was the dominant team in that part of the state, and it was such a big deal that they let out school the next Monday and had a parade. I also think the cheerleaders were two sets of twins (left side of pic). The players I think I remember; Jim Frederick (again, think he is holding the sign on the right side) and Jim? Mattingly, who became a dentist (to Jim’s right, but I could not have that right, too). Dr. Mattingly attended Dad’s funeral. I used to sit on the bench sometimes at home games, but have no big memories past that point. The good old days! A lot simpler, with memories that may be a bit sweeter. Thanks for posting the picture; a great favorite of mine, too.

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