On My Way to Work this Morning… (a repost)

Received this brief blog post today from JuniorHighMinistry.com.  I had just come into my office from Wednesday night activities where we talked about loving others and how we often say love, but don’t often show it.  This post really rang true with that and how broken relationships impact our students.


Scott Rubin is the author of it and shares his experience from that morning.

This morning on the way to work, I see two cars coming from different directions converge on a designated meeting spot. A middle school kid hops out of one car and jumps into the other. Going from Mom’s care, to Dad’s care, or vice versa. I’ve seen it happen before with this particular family, and it gets me thinking every time.

– What’s it like to be in junior high and have 2 different households?
– What goes through your mind as you leave one parent, and reengage with the other?
– How does starting your day that way effect how your middle school day goes?

Here’s what I DO know… every time we talk about divorce from the stage in our ministry, the room gets very, very quiet.

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