Awakening – a review

Prayer and fasting are sometimes seen as activities done by the deeply spiritual people in the church.  Perhaps it would be fair to say that a majority of Christians would see those activities linked together as reserved for only the mature minority.  In his book, Awakening, Stovall Weems invites all Christ followers to participate in these disciplines.

Weems leads Celebration Church in Jacksonville, FL, and has made fasting and prayer a part of his church’s culture.  In the recent past he has invited churches all across the country to participate in 21 Days of prayer and fasting and shares how these practices have benefited his church, both corporately and individually.

In his book, Weems shares the purpose for prayer and fasting and also some specific practices the reader can take away to make these disciplines a regular part of his/her life.  Throughout the book he has included Awakening Stories — experiences people in the Celebration Church have had as they have participated in the 21 day experience.

One of the primary things I took away from the book was that prayer and fasting are designed to bring the individual into a closer relationship with God.  It isn’t so much about the food you do or do not eat, how long you decide to fast or what plan you take.  The primary goal is to align oneself with God’s will and purpose for your life.  I know as I have thought about fasting, it is easy to get hung up on the what of the fasting experience, and not the Who.  As he states several times in the book, the purpose is to make room for God to work in the individual’s life.

Within the book, Weems provides some resources, ideas and even basic menus for those considering taking up the challenge of fasting.

For the Christ follower interested in deepening his or her walk, this book would be a helpful tool.  You can find more information about this book and read an excerpt by clicking here.

( I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review)

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