Parachutes for Colombia

Yesterday we spent about three hours yesterday with some of our junior high students at our Galatians 5:13 Day.  In that verse it says to serve one another humbly in love.

One of our projects was making up some Parachutes for ColombiaVoice of the Martyrs provides kits where youth groups, families or individuals and create parachutes that are then used to drop Bibles and Christians literature into guerrilla-controlled areas.

At the end of our time we watched a portion of the video Underground Reality: Colombia which showed how the parachutes are being used.  It was humbling to see how much the people who are trying to reach these soldiers risk as they fly over the camps to drop parachutes and also travel into the areas where the camps are located.  The time we took to make a few parachutes seems pretty small compared to what these people do.

Here is a brief clip from one of the men involved in this ministry:

One thought on “Parachutes for Colombia

  1. Tony, I am touched, I am thrilled, I am thankful. It is great that you have involved the middle school kids in this project. Colombia is an absolutely brutal place. One of our major and meaningful ministries is to widows and children of the preachers who are killed by the rebels and paramilitary. The thought Russell expressed in the video clip is the same as Richrd Wurmbrand in his small book, “Jesus, Friend to Terrorists’, renamed “Jesus, Friend to Those Who Bear Arms”. The interviewer is Gary Lane from CBN. I may be in W’ton the Wednesday of the NACC to speak to home schoolers; will let you know. Love you, Dad

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