Rating of Reviews Needed

One of the benefits of having this blog is that it gives me the opportunity to review some good books.  I’ve read books by John Piper, Mark Batterson, Craig Groeschel and more.

As part of the Blogging For Books program, readers are given the opportunity to offer ratings on reviews and the bloggers gain points on the reviews given.

The Blogging for Books website has been revised and, to keep the rating system fair, it now requires those who offer ratings to provide an email address.  This prevents one person from rating a review multiple times.

With this change, all the reviews have been reset to zero.  SO….if you have offered a rating on one of my reviews….or would like to do so….please visit my review page and offer your rating on any of the reviews.  It doesn’t take a long time and might even lead you to read a good book one of these days.

Thanks for your help!

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