90 Days – a Refreshing Read

There are many different devotional books on the market.  This one truly was a refreshing read.  As I read each day I found something that seemed to jump off the page, either a statement made by the author or the scripture that was chosen for that day….sometimes both.

Alcorn’s format was fairly simple and straightforward.  He chose a scripture to start each reading, followed by his own thoughts, experiences or a story from someone’s else journey and then concluded it with a brief, but meaningful prayer.

If you are one who has either grown up in the church or been a part of a church for an extended period of time, you probably have learned the art of the “giving the church answer.”  Alcorn faces some of the difficulties of life in a real way and allows the scripture to speak to that experience.  Where some devotionals may gloss over some of life’s obstacles, the author of 90 Days faces them with insight from God’s Word.

If you are looking for a devotional tool that will strive to speak to the journey of following God and seeing His goodness in even the ugliness of life, this book would be a good pick.

For more information on this book and to read an excerpt, check out this link.

(I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review)

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