One thought on “Francis Chan on baptism

  1. Tony, your mother referred to this a few times, so I watched it. I really enjoy Francis Chan. We watched a clip of him at Catylist in our director’s meeting today, see It’s also very good. I appreciate his reference to the NASB (he didn’t say the translation) by using the word “appeal”. We are saved by grace through faith, and Francis correctly notes that we read the Word, are convicted. andrepent. We then verbalize our intentions with a confession, and show our intentions with our whole body in baptism, appealing to God to take away our sins, so we may have a clear or clean conscience. And, as he says, we are given a gift, the Holy Spirit. I really like him because he just keeps pointing people back to the Bible, which doesn’t validate the so-called “sinner’s prayer”. The NACC has also latched onto him, so we can listen in person next month. Love, Dad

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