Defining Decisions…Daily Decisions

While listening to a podcast on the way into the office, I was reminded of a great principle.  At times in our lives we make defining decisions, decisions that change the direction of our lives.  But it is in the daily decisions we make after that defining decision that make the difference.  Or put another way, we make a few major decisions throughout our lives.  It is how we manage those major decisions that make the difference.

I have seen many students and adults (myself included) make defining decisions: I’m committing to this. I’m changing this, I’m starting this, I’m stopping that.  While there is power in the major decisions, if I don’t manage those decisions in the days that follow, the decision doesn’t lead to change.

How many times have I decided to read my Bible more, pray more, spend less, give more, share more?  Maybe I hear a great speaker or am motivated by a cool experience, but if I don’t change my daily decisions, my defining decision becomes a memory of what I wish I would have done.

I know I need God’s help to manage those daily decisions that will then help guide me into that defining decision.

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