Clothes to Ghana and Kosovo

Last weekend a group of 17 students and adults from our church went to Florence, KY, to partner with Master Provisions and sort and pack clothes that will eventually end up in Ghana and Kosovo.

We have been privileged to be associated with this ministry for the past 7-8 years.  It has been great seeing how God has grown this ministry.  In our previous trips, we went to whatever warehouse space Master Provisions was given to use.  Now, through a series of events that God put together, the ministry now has their own warehouse and office space.  An added bonus is that we were the first group to stay there!

During the time we were there, we unloaded bags, sorted clothes for both warm and cold climates, packed bags for both countries and emptied one semi trailer by moving bags to another trailer.  The semi trailer we emptied was leaving for Michigan to pick up more clothes.

Master Provisions takes the excess we have in the US and sends it to countries in need to not only provide clothing, but also fund kingdom work and share the good news of Jesus.  Our group worked hard (most of the time), but was blessed to be a part of the bigger work God is doing through that ministry.

Check out what Master Provisions is doing by visiting their website and reading the latest newsletter.

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