Hoopin’ in Hershey

DSCN1079The Angels have been playing well this weekend in the USJN Tournament in Hershey, PA.  We are down a few of our regular starters due to playing with their high school teams, but the two girls who have been training with the team have stepped in and done a great job.  This weekend we have two “Sydneys” on the team…a Sydney B. & a Sydney D.

The girls have beaten teams from New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania.  Sydney B. has played well, scoring 21 pts. in one game and 22 in another.  The Angels play in the semi-final tonight with finals tomorrow.

Go Angels!

One thought on “Hoopin’ in Hershey

  1. Wow, Tony, that sounds great; would to see some of this. The Angels need to come south. Let us know her schedule this winter. Her great grandpa would be splitting at the seams with pride.

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