Interesting Road Sign

I was on my way into the office and had to stop by the high school to drop off something for my daughter that I forgot to give her.  As I got to the intersection of 22/3 and 380 I saw this rather large stop sign that wasn’t your normal stop sign.  Someone had taken the time to have an over-sized sign that says STOP OBAMAI realize the picture quality is horrible (it was taken with my phone several dozen yards from the sign.)

This is not a political blog post and I am not agreeing (or disagreeing) with whoever hung the stop sign.  I found it quite interesting that someone took the time to have such a large sign made and then went to the effort to hang it up in a tree for people on the road to see.  Obviously someone is pretty upset with our current government that they felt the need to express it this way.

So what makes you so mad you would create an over-sized stop sign to proclaim your message?

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