Ode to the Dishwasher

Our dishwasher was just recently fixed.  You don’t realize how much you like having an automatic dishwasher until it is not working.  It was repaired today which lead to this Ode to the Dishwasher.  Dr. Seuss has nothing to fear.

We recently moved to a house on Mound
How glad we were that inside a dishwasher was found
Over the past several years we would have to stand
And wash all the dinner dishes by hand
While that task is certainly not the most difficult to find
Having a machine to help us we definitely did not mind

However we noticed in the past few weeks
The dishwasher seemed to have a few leaks
Some water appeared where water should not be
Something was wrong, but what it was we couldn’t see
So we called the number to get some advice
Hoping the news we received would be nice

The serviceman came and checked it all out
A drainage tube leak is what it was all about
It could be easily fixed and that was good news
Even better was the home warranty we could use
So we ordered the part which was really great
But it had to be shipped so we would just have to wait

So far a little while longer we went to the sink
To wash all the dishes so they wouldn’t start to stink
While hand washing dishes isn’t hard to survive
We were happy when the serviceman finally arrived
To repair what was broken and make it all right
So we could use our dishwasher morning, noon or night

I am glad to tell you that the repair is now complete
To use our dishwasher again truly is a treat
We look forward to rinsing and placing the bowls, cups and plates
On the rack to be washed, it really is quite great
We have a renewed appreciation that will not soon end
For our repaired dishwasher, our dish washing friend


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