Out of a Far Country review

Out Of A Far Country is the compelling story of Christopher and Angela Yuan’s journey to healing and restoration, both in their relationship with God and with each other.  The book provided both the son and mother’s perspective as each chapter alternated narrative between Christopher and Angela.  It gave the reader insight into the emotions experienced by the two.

The book gives a transparent look into Christopher’s struggle with homosexuality, drugs, the party scene and ultimate search for love and acceptance.  It reveals the heart of a mother who longs for the perfect family and sees that dream shattered as her two sons move away from the ideals she longs for them to embrace.

One of the most challenging aspects of the books was Angela’s acceptance of Christ and then total dependence on Him to work in the life of her son.  She shares how she had to release Christopher to God and allow her son’s time in prison to be the tool God would use to bring her to son into relationship with Him.  She continually prayed that God would use whatever He needed to bring Chris to Jesus, even as the cost of his degree, career and freedom.  Rather than trying to exert her control as a mother, she trusted God to work.

Christopher’s ultimate surrender to God affected every aspect of his life and shows how the pursuit of God impacts everything about us.  Near the end of the book, Christopher shares his discovery:  “God’s faithfulness is proved not by the elimination of hardships but by carrying us through them.  Change is not the absence of struggles; change is the freedom to choose holiness in the midst of our struggles (pg. 188).”

Out Of A Far Country would be a good read for any Christ follower, but also for anyone who is experiencing the breakdown of relationships or someone desiring into the struggle of same-sex attraction.  The real struggles show how God is able to bring healing and restoration, while working through even the most difficult circumstances.

For more information on this book and read an excerpt, click here.

(I received this book from WaterBrook Multnomah in exchange for my review)

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