The Circle Maker Review

A few days ago I finished reading Mark Batterson’s latest book, The Circle Maker.  The title comes from the story of Honi the Circle Maker (you can read Batterson’s retelling of Honi’s story from a previous post.)

The Circle Maker was a challenging read to be sure.  I have read Batterson’s other books and also listen to his podcasts from National Community Church in D.C.  From those two sources I have become somewhat familiar with the story and growth of NCC. In this book, Batterson continually points back to the prayers he and the church prayed about the church’s direction and growth.  On most occasions, the prayers were not offered once, but were prayed over a long period of time.  Through the pages of the book, Batterson points to prayers that were prayed and how God answered them months and even years later.

Batterson not only uses stories from his church’s experiences, he also include many Biblical references that underscore the need to be persistent and bold in prayer.  As he writes about prayer, he encourages believers to Dream Big, Pray Hard and Think Long.  One phrase he uses throughout the book is this – Pray as if it depends on God and work as if it depends on you.

After reading The Circle Maker one can’t help but put the book down and feel the need to become more disciplined and persistent in prayer.  Batterson does a good job of laying out practical steps and encouragement to follow through on that desire. The reality that kept coming back to me was that prayer is work and requires discipline to continue to circle the dreams and fears each one of us have.

The Circle Maker is a book you should pick up and read.  I know of several others who are reading it and are being challenged.  Grab a copy and be challenged to be a circle maker.

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