Family Matters

This month in our Sunday morning classes for Junior High & High School students, we are talking about relationships.  This week in our high school group we are focusing on our relationship with our families. We hear phrases like “traditional family,” “non-traditional family” and “blended family” used quite a bit and it makes the difficult task of functioning together as a healthy family that much more difficult.

As we focus specifically this week on the child’s role in the family, I read some pretty good advice for students.  No family is perfect, so we need to figure out to honor God in our not-so-perfect families.  Thought these three suggestions were pretty good.

Learn from their wisdom

For the most parts, parents know best. And God commands us to honor them and listen to their wisdom. No matter how out of touch you feel your parents are, they still have a special wisdom that is looking out for your best. We can learn from their wisdom by obeying it.

Learn from their mistakes

There are a lot of broken families in our world. And learning from others requires us to be mature enough to see the areas where they made unwise decisions. We can learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of those around us.

Learn from a mentor

Finding a mentor who is a positive older man/woman and someone who you look up to, and allowing him/her to speak into your life is one of the best ways to learn about family. Allow him/her to help you see God’s design for our families.

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