Final Minutes – Milan Vs Muncie Central – 1954

If you have ever watched the movie Hoosiers, then you know it is the story of the small school that beats the big school in the championship game.  The movie is based on the 1954 Indiana state championship game where Milan beat Muncie Central.  Now, I’m not old enough to remember that game, but it is a great story.  There is now a link on the Indiana High School Athletic Association website that lets you watch the final minutes of the game.  Pretty cool to watch.

There is not an embed code for the video, so you have to go to the IHSAA website to see it.  It is worth your time.

2 thoughts on “Final Minutes – Milan Vs Muncie Central – 1954

  1. Tony, I probably already told yout this, but – Bob Plump hit the last shot. He and the other guard, Ray Craft, went to Butler and played for Tony Hinkle. Then, Bob played three years for the Phillips 66 Oilers and lived in Bartlesville (a lot of great Hoosiers have moved to Bartlesville). Small world! When I was in the 8th grade, I was shooting baskets outside the gym in Milan when Bob drove by. he stopped and we played a little one-on-one. Amazingly, he won. Tell Sydney to be sure and hit the last shot! Love, Dad

  2. The rest of the story – one of Tony Hinkle’s students at Butler was Marvin Wood. After Wood graduated, he coached a few years at another school, then became the coach at Milan. They made it to at least the semi-state when Plumb and Craft et al were juniors, then they won as seniors. So, Wood was taught how to coach basketball by Tony Hinkle, and after Milan won the state tournament, Bob and Ray played college ball for the man who taught their high school coach how to coach basketball. One more – a team Milan beat in the afternoon game of the state finals was Crispus Attucks of Indianapolis, whose star was Oscar Robertson. I remember going with Dad and the team from Corydon in 1955 and 1956 and watching Oscar lead Crispus Attucks to consecutive state championships. We sat under the basket in 1955, and I watched Oscar drive the lane a lot! Great trivia!

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