You Look Marvelous

I get the opportunity to preach this Sunday. Our Senior Minister decided he needed a vacation with his family (go figure!) so I get to speak.  Our series is called “Be Real” and it focuses on being compassionate, authentic, genuine followers of Him.

One of the things we are focusing on is how we can tend to put more emphasis on outward appearances than the condition of our heart. We put on a show, so people won’t know what’s going on inside.

It made me think of Billy Crystal’s character Fernando.  I remember seeing it years ago on TV and hearing his catchphrase, “You Look Marvelous!”  It was more like “Mahvelous” but I don’t know how to type that accent.

Fernando was about appearance.  It is better to look good than feel good.  How many times have we put on a mask to hide what’s under the surface?  Everything is “fine” even when it is isn’t.  As a church we are striving to be real instead of trying to just look “marvelous.”

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