Syd in Battle in the Boro

This past weekend Syd and her Angels teammates traveled to the Nashville area for the Battle in the Boro.  It was a huge tournament with a lot of good – like really good – teams.  In the games I saw the Angels played teams from Dallas, TX, Los Angeles and DC. They had an exhibition game against a team from Rhode Island and lost in bracket play to a team from Maryland.  Again, big tourney, good teams.

Along with good competition, the tournament allowed some of my family to see Syd play a few times.  My sister and brother-in-law live in Nashville, so Jason, Krista, McKenna and Riley got to see some basketball. Riley didn’t like the loud buzzer that would go off, but other than that, she seemed to have fun.

My dad was also able to be there as he was traveling from Orlando to Memphis.  Living in Oklahoma, he doesn’t have the opportunity catch many Ohio ball games, so this was a nice convergence of travel schedules.

As an added bonus, Jason brought his iPad and captured some highlights of Syd playing.  You can see more of them on his blog, but here is a sampling of what he got.  (Thanks Jason!)

This is a 3-point shot she made right as the first half expired.

Here’s another 3-point shot from the far corner

Using the glass

Riley even liked this one!

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