Love, Sex & Happily Ever After – a review

With stories from his own experiences in past relationships (both the good and the bad), insights learned while counseling other couples, clear teaching from scripture and some humor thrown in along the way, Craig Groeschel provides a good tool for  singles and couples in Love, Sex and Happily Ever After.

I originally picked up this book thinking it might be a resource I could pass on to couples preparing for their wedding day.  I’ve had the privilege over the past several months to officiate a few weddings and I’m always looking for good resources to pass on to couples.  While this is a solid book about dating relationships, the majority of it is geared for those who are still in the dating phase or even in the pre-dating phase.  Groeschel speaks candidly about relationships and what God has to say about how we interact with the opposite sex.

One of the points he makes near the beginning of the book – and comes back to in the succeeding chapters – is that in the dating relationship, God needs to be the ONE.  Too many times both men and women look to someone else to fulfill them or complete them.  Groeschel makes the point that only God can fulfill that position as the ONE in our lives.  The person who we date and perhaps later marry, who he calls the TWO, cannot take the place of God as the ONE.  When we look to anyone us to make us happy and fulfill our needs, we will always come up short.  If we approach our relationships with God as the ONE and follow His lead, we will find our dating and eventual marriage relationship in a much better place.

While sticking clearly with the truth of scripture, Groeschel does not offer clichés that many times are used when talking about dating and marriage.  He speaks honestly about what he has learned through his own dating relationships and marriage to his wife.  He concludes the book by giving a clear explanation of what it means to enter into a marriage covenant.

If you are looking for your TWO or are in a dating relationship, this would be a good book to read.  For those who work with students and young adults, this would provide a good resource as you offer advice and support to those looking at marriage in their future.

*I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review

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