Late or Rude?

question marksI saw a link to this article posted by a couple of people today and it asks a pretty good question. Actually, the author of the article doesn’t phrase it in a question. He says it flat-out: it’s not that you are late; you are rude.

I had a conversation just the other day with someone who noticed at a nearby eating establishment, several of the employees would arrive for work a few minutes after the shift was to begin. They didn’t seem to be in a hurry; they were just late.

I’ve posted the link to the entire article below, but here’s an excerpt from it. It really does challenge those of us who may have a tendency to push the boundary between being on time and being late. He writes:

Or a dinner at a restaurant where I was meeting two other couples. My wife was away, so I was flying solo. I arrived at two minutes to eight for an eight o’clock booking. At 8.20, I was into my second glass of Pinot and at half-past I got a text saying ‘on the way’. We finally were all seated at 8.45. There were not even attempted excuses from either of the two couples, who seemed oblivious to the fact I might actually have got there at the agreed time. Meanwhile I had put a huge dent in the bottle of Pinot, and was ready to go home.

And it is not that we lead ‘busy lives’. That’s a given, we all do, and it’s a cop-out to use that as an excuse. It’s simply that some people no longer even pretend that they think your time is as important as theirs. And technology makes it worse. It seems texting or emailing that you are late somehow means you are no longer late.


You are rude. And inconsiderate.

So where do you fall in this issue? Sure, there are times when things make us late. Is it late or is it rude?

You can read the entire post on the Firebrand website.


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