Welcome Hiwot!!

Vince and Kelli were in the youth group when I served in Louisville, KY. They are expanding their family through adoption and through the following story. Feel free to share this with anyone who may be able to help.

Monks Family

We want to thank you for your continued love and support for our family. As you know, over the course of a few years we expanded our family through the calling to adopt and have been blessed as a result. We would like to communicate to you something that God has laid out before us.

Very soon, most likely around early June, we will be bringing into our family the sister of Daniel Endale, a friend of ours from Ethiopia. Her name is Hiwot and she is a sweet 19 year old.

We met Daniel in 2010 when we had traveled to Ethiopia to meet Yonas and Yosef for the first time. Daniel, at the time, was working at the Crown Hotel where we stayed. We instantly formed a friendship with him while there. We continued to keep in contact with him – even meeting with him several more times…

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