Annual Report

Each year we put together an annual report for our church family. It recounts what took place in the past year and includes reports from ministers, the elders, financial records and other things.

It is a challenge each year to boil down the previous 12 months onto 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of paper. This year was no different. I took a look at my calendar and reviewed some of the things we did. It was kind of funny, because some of the events seemed like they were a couple years ago, rather than just a few months ago.

I think the report should remind us that what we do matters. I know there is the expression that just because you have a lot of motion, your aren’t necessarily going anywhere. As I look back at the year I have to conclude (or hope at least) that what we do does make some difference. A highlight for us the last couple of years has been our small groups. We have more students involved this year than we ever had. I will take that as a win!

The report also reminds me how fast time goes. That seems so cliché, yet true. The months seem to scroll by faster and faster. I think we do need to take time to celebrate what good things have happened and learn from what didn’t go so well.

As we move toward wrapping up this calendar year, it will be good to both celebrate and reflect and also trust that God will take our efforts and use them in a way that only He can.