Our Story of Adoption & How You Can Help

10171918_1417043165228998_7744076981488006083_nIn the past few months I’ve posted about our Gotcha Day and how adoption has impacted our family. Max, who is almost 19 months old, will soon be joined by a little brother.

We have connected with a birth mom who is due June 22. We are making plans to travel to be present for the birth and to get to know the family. We have started the process to adopt again and have enlisted a great team here in Ohio and a great team in Maryland to assist us. Adopting Max happened very quickly and we pulled together various resources to pay for his adoption. Financially we need some help and we are using a non-profit fund-raising platform called Adopt Together to help us raise the necessary funds.

If you are someone (or you know someone) who has a heart for adoption, please visit our page. It tells a little bit more of our story about adoption and gives people an opportunity to help with the expenses. While this adoption won’t cost as much as Max’s adoption, we are seeking financial support.

To visit our Adopt Together page, click on the image below.  On our page, you will be able to read about our plans for adoption and how you can help if you feel led to do so.

Adopt Together screen

Angels Shots for Shelter

This post best applies to those who live in or near Wilmington and it has a very quick expiration date.  Syd’s AAU Team, the Cincinnati Angels, is responding to the needs of those affected by the recent tornadoes by sponsoring an Angels Shots For Shelter.

Here’s what the Angels sent out: The Angels will hold a fundraiser to help the recent tornado victims in our area.  Prasco will be donating up to $1,000 for tornado relief efforts.  Our goal is to make 1000 shots during the two training sessions at $1.00 per shot. If you would like to get additional sponsors you are welcome to as we will keep track of each players shots.  We will need to collect the money no later than March 10th so we can present the donations to one of the local relief agencies in the area

Syd will be participating in it on Wed., March  7.  If you would like to donate, you can either sponsor an amount per shot that Syd makes or just a specific dollar amount.  As I said, it has a quick expiration date.  Money needs to be turned in by March 10.

If you want to help out, you can send an email to bigiufan29 at gmail.com