Great Post Game Speech

While I don’t really follow the Little League World Series, I know once the young men reach that level, a loss can be crushing.  I saw this video given by the Rhode Island coach after his team lost 8-7.  A great way to not just end a season, but to encourage them in life after the game.

One At Bat

This is a great story that I heard about for the first time today. Kind of ironic that it follows my last post about the Rudy book. Both are good stories of persistence and perseverance.

The TODAY Show featured the story of Adam Greenberg. His dream was to play Major League Baseball. He was called up by the Chicago Cubs in 2005 and was given the change to pinch hit in the 9th inning. The very first pitch he saw was a 92 mile per hour fastball that him in the back of the head. He suffered a concussion. He went to the minors, but experienced vertigo and other challenges. Since then he has been trying to make a return to Major League Baseball.

A film maker started the campaign called “One At Bat.” You can check out all the information on the One At Bat website.

The good news is that Adam is going to get his chance. Check out the video below. It gives his story and shows the Miami Marlins giving Adam a one day contract and a chance to get his One At Bat. The other video gives his story. You need to check out his story. It is cool.

Calico Joe – so good!

There are some books that once you start reading you don’t want to put down – Calico Joe is one of those books.  My wife got it for me for my birthday last weekend.  I started reading it Tuesday night around 7:30 pm, read most of it before going to bed and finished it the next morning.  Just a great story.

I don’t want to reveal any plot elements for those who have yet to read it, but it is a book based on baseball, but is about so much more than baseball.  You read about the dreams of a young boy who had a father who pitched in the major leagues and how those dreams were suddenly changed by one eventful day at a major league game.  You discover how this young boy, his father and Calico Joe’s life all become intertwined both on and off the baseball diamond.

If you are a fan of John Grisham, or baseball or just of a good book, get Calico Joe.

Reds Parade Crashers

Yesterday was opening day for Major League baseball and for Reds fans, it is a huge deal.

One of our very own staff members at WCC, Brian, along with his son Elijah, not only made it to opening day…they made the news.  This story is great.  A great memory for a dad and his son!  Plus, the Reds won.

Check out the video:

Reds parade crashers & The Pete Wagner Band plays GABP – and FOX19 News, weather, traffic, and sports for Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky |.