Bill Hybels: What I’d Do Differently

Willow_Creek_Community_Church_sign-e1311705888461A link to this article came across social media today and I took a few minutes to read it. I know people have varied opinions on Willow Creek and some of the things they do. I remember when I was in college one of our youth ministry classes took a field trip to Chicago to take a look at how they were doing youth ministry at that time.

The thing I found interesting about this article is what Hybels said he would do differently. I think it applies not only to church planters, but also to church leaders and even those in youth ministry.

Just some food for thought. You can click the link to read the article on the Church Leaders website.

Bill Hybels, a seasoned church planter with 40 years’ experience shares his insights on how church planting has changed.

via Bill Hybels: What I’d Do Differently.

Great Response at Leadership Summit

My wife had the opportunity to attend the Willow Creek Leadership Summit this week.  She kept me updated on what she was hearing and came home just full of great ideas and challenges from the various speakers.

One of the speakers, Starbucks CEO, Howard Shultz, backed out of this speaking commitment due to some pressure he received from an on-line petition.  Below is Bill Hybels’ response to this situation.  I know there are tons of opinions about Hybels and his leadership at Willow.  Some people love him; others, not so much.  I think this video shows a great response to a sticky situation.