Joe is 22

joe is 22Hard to believe that twenty-two years ago Josiah made his appearance into this world. He was born in Defiance, OH (it’s kind of funny to say he was born in defiance – get it?), moved to Kentucky, to Indiana and then back to Ohio. He is keeping busy with school at CCU along with working three different jobs on campus.

I was looking back at past posts about Joe that have involved marching bands, mission trips, his stroke in middle school family gatherings and even past birthdays. My how time flies!

This morning I was thinking about and praying for Joe and especially the opportunity he will have this summer for an internship. I’m looking forward to where God leads him in that venture and how that will direct His future.

Happy Birthday Joe!


A year ago at this time I had a blog post entitled Eighteen, the day my son turned 18. Today he is 19. Kind of interesting to go back and read where we were at that time. He was a senior in high school, just made a college visit and was looking forward to the “next chapter.” Now, he has started the second semester of his freshmen year and has made the transition to the college life. He won’t be home on his birthday as he is gone with the school choir on a short retreat. Interesting how things change.

As I visited his Facebook page this morning, he already had a number of birthday wishes and I’m sure that number will continue to grow through the day.  I am grateful for the many people in his life that have had influence on him and for those who will continue to play that role.  Just like the rest of us, he is a work in progress and I look forward to seeing what things God has in store for him.

Happy 19th Birthday Joe!

Well Wishes and Five Bucks

Today was my birthday and my Facebook is full of birthday wishes and greetings.  I use Facebook mobile so every time something is posted to my wall or a message is sent, it comes as a text message to my phone.  Suffice it to say that my phone was buzzing pretty much all day.

While I realize that the birthdays of your friends on Facebook are listed on the right column of your news feed, it was still nice to have people take at least a few seconds to say “Happy Birthday.”  I received messages from high school friends, family members, youth group students and former youth group members.  Kind of a fun addition to the day.  So, if you were one who sent a birthday message…thanks!

Another cool thing happened today that had nothing to do with my birthday.  I went across the street to pick up some sandwiches and I saw a gentleman from our church.  He came up, said hello, introduced himself (just to make sure I knew who he was) and then he shared some encouraging words.  He mentioned a couple of things in my ministry that he appreciated and encouraged me to continue doing what I do.  Then he said I had a $5 credit at the cash register.  Before he came and spoke to me, he gave the cashier five bucks to apply to my order.  I was caught off guard and moved by what he did.  It would have been enough for him to say the encouraging words that he did; the five bucks was an added bonus.

It was a great reminder to me how the little things we do for others can be encouraging.  Facebook comments.  Small gifts.  Written notes or spoken words.  All those can go a long way in making someone’s day.


My son turned 18 yesterday. One of those things that you know is coming . . . but you are not sure how to prepare for it. Eighteen seems to be such a “milestone” type of a birthday, although, honestly, I can’t seem to remember how I celebrated my 18th birthday.

Not only is how now 18, we made a college visit today to the school he wants to attend. It is the college where I graduated and it is always good to go back. It was a unique experience to sit there knowing I was in attendance as a parent of a potential student.  We enjoyed the visit (ate Skyline for lunch!) and received information on the things we need to look at doing between now and the start of classes in the fall.

I know a lot of parents have been down this road so I don’t want to act like the only one who has ever experienced this.  Every year parents send their kids to school and go through this process.  Guess it is unique the first time through.

I know he is excited to both be 18 and to looking at college.  Hopefully we do a good job working through the next few months.

The one thing I take away from this is that even though he is getting older, I am not . . . at least that is what I just keep telling myself.