IMPACT First Fall Events

As school has started and summer temperatures seem to be giving a hint of starting to feel more like fall, we are gearing up for our first fall events. For the last couple of years our IMPACT leadership team has laid out a school year calendar that gives an overview of what we are doing from September to May. As we move into Labor Day weekend, the fall months are here.

Here’s our first flier for fall events. Here is to a great school year!

IMPACT Sept 2013

Great Campout

Each year, to finish out the summer, we have a camp out for our junior high students.  It is the final event with our out-going 8th graders.  This year, due to scheduling, they were already into their freshmen year, but we let them come back any way.

Once again it was a great time just hanging out together on the Vance farm.  We had a hayride, bonfire, went swimming, some played Capture the Flag, watched a movie projected on a bed sheet and some of us even slept a little.

It was a great time with our students and good event where good memories are made.  Like when we bust a trampoline:

Or even a swing:

It was a great camp out.  Now all the adults need to go take a nap!