They’ve Flown the Nest

This has been a unique summer for us, especially as we are in the month of July.

Joe has been at college for two years and traveled to various CIY Conferences last summer.  This year he is traveling to various church camps.  He has already been to Illinois, Georgia and currently is in Indiana.  The picture to the left shows him with his team at The Varsity in Atlanta.

Syd is currently in Las Vegas playing in a tournament with her Angels teammates.  She will return in time to go play in Tennessee and will then conclude the AAU summer circuit with a tourney in Washington DC.  Prior to leaving for Vegas, the Angels worked at the OGBR camp.  You can see the group in the picture below.

Gone are the days of trying to figure out what to do during the lazy days of summer.  They are keeping busy for sure!

Joe is in Ireland

As many of our friends, family and church family know, Joe is on a mission trip to Ireland with a group from Cincinnati Christian University.  They left Friday, but were delayed getting out of the Cincinnati airport due to the bad weather.  Once they left, they made connecting at JFK and flew to Dublin.  The only news we have received so far is a Facebook post that says “I am in Ireland safe and sound. Thank you for all the prayer!”  (The picture is one I snagged off his FB and I have no idea where they are or what they are doing.)

It’s a strange feeling knowing your son is in a different country, especially when you are used to sending a text to touch base.  I know he was looking forward to the trip and experiencing a new culture.  The group is doing a VBS and Joe is speaking one night to a group of teens.  Should be a great experience and can’t wait to hear all about it.