Top Worship Songs at WCC in 2014

worshipPrompted by a blog post from a worship leader a couple of years ago, I listed the top songs we used in our worship services.  I created a list for 2012 and 2013 so I thought it would be interesting to see what that list looked for 2014.

There are some songs that our congregation really responds to and you can tell by the volume of the singing.  We try to introduce new songs that will enhance our services and fit our congregation.  I can remember one we introduced a couple of years ago that we used twice and decided it just didn’t fit us.  There was nothing wrong with the song; it simply wasn’t a good match for our congregation.

While looking through the songs we sang, the song we used the most was God With Us.  It was a song our choir did in a Christmas program and really seemed to fit our congregation, both as a Christmas song and throughout the year.

The other top songs were 10,000 Reasons, Christ Is Enough, Glory to God Forever, Lord I Need You and This is Amazing Grace.

There were three songs we sang for the first time on 2014: This is Amazing Grace, Keep Making Me and My Heart is Yours.  We did also use Oceans and Beautiful Things, but they were presented as a special number rather than for congregational singing.

Here is the rest of the list (in alphabetical order).  They made up the regular rotation of songs, but don’t include all the songs we did.

  1. At Your Name (Yahweh, Yahweh)
  2. Awesome is the Lord Most High
  3. Change My Heart, Oh God
  4. Cornerstone
  5. Draw Me Close
  6. Enough
  7. Everlasting God
  8. Forever
  9. Here I am to Worship
  10. Holy is the Lord
  11. Jesus Messiah
  12. Keep Making Me
  13. Let Everything That Has Breath
  14. My Heart is Yours
  15. Not to Us
  16. Our God
  17. Shout to the Lord
  18. Step By Step
  19. Unchanging
  20. We Fall Down
  21. Worthy is the Lamb
  22. You Are My All in All
  23. Your Grace is Enough

Music selection is subjective – everyone has different tastes and preferences.  It’s always a challenge to find those songs that help lead a specific group of people to sing out in worship.  As we move through this year, we will continue to look for songs that will accomplish that purpose.

Passion White Flag

The Passion movement has grown over the past 14 years. This year they moved to the Georgia Dome in Atlanta and I followed some of it through their Passion Live Stream.

They released their latest worship CD called “White Flag.”  I’ve been listening to it through the day. Some of my favorite songs are “White Flag,” “Jesus, Son of God,” “One Thing Remains” and “Lay Me Down.”

Check it out and get a copy of it!  Good stuff that I hope we will be singing in our church in the coming months.

Passion 2012 Live Stream

I’ve been on the live stream of Passion 2012 today as kind of the background for my day.  Passion is a gathering of literally thousands of college students at the Georgia Dome.  Not sure how many people are actually there, but the place looks packed.

Been able to listen to Chris Tomlin, David Crowder and Matt Redman lead worship and heard bits and hear Francis Chan, Beth Moore and John Piper read scripture.

One of the coolest parts was the “How Great is our God World Edition” performed live during session four.  Pretty cool.

You can watch previous session on the Passion 2012 website.  Would be a cool place to be.

In spite of, not because of

We had a good worship service on Sunday. Apart from recurring problems with the monitor the praise team uses (the praise team was going without words for most songs!), it was a good service.

I have been leading worship on a regular basis for about three months and, of course, some services are “better” than others. This past Sunday was great – not because the vocalists were better or the musicians were perfect – but simply because we had the opportunity to see people in worship.

Part of the song set was the hymn “How Great Thou Art” followed by Chris Tomlin’s “How Great is our God.” Those songs flow together so well, both because they are in the same key and the themes are so similar. It just makes for a great song set and our people are familiar with those songs.

When we moved into “How Great is our God” several in our congregation stood on their own in worship. In that moment, it wasn’t about the people around them or where they were…it was simply a moment of worship. It was humbling to stand on the platform and be able to see it and realize it had nothing to do with me or the others on the stage. We started the song, but it wasn’t because of us. Rather, even in spite of us, our congregation was engaged in worship and proclaimed how great God is.

For me, it was a sacred moment. To see people worship God. To be in a place where I was moved to worship because of their worship and because of the greatness of God. I had just a small taste of what Isaiah experienced in Isaiah 6. Even at a glimpse of His power and presence, I knew I was so unworthy. Yet, in spite of me, not because of me, we were able to worship. I need to remember that moment, to remember who I am and be reminded again of who He is. “Name above all names & worthy of all praise.”