Funny Video – LeBron Back to Cleveland

Perhaps you’ve heard on the news or through social media that LeBron James is returning to Cleveland. (Hope that wasn’t a spoiler alert for anyone.)

I saw this video today on Facebook and it is a great combo of his return and Dumb & Dumber. Kudos whoever put it together.

Go listen to Jasmine Tate

Jasmine TateThis past weekend my wife and her boys and I traveled up to Cleveland for the wedding of a young lady who grew up at WCC. I was asked to take part in the ceremony. Since we aren’t often in Cleveland we toured the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and stopped by Browns Stadium and Progressive Field where the Indians play.

One of the unexpected bonuses of the weekend was meeting a young lady names Jasmine Tate. She sang during the Unity Candle portion of the ceremony and did a fabulous job. It was just her and her guitar. She has a great voice and unique style.

During the reception my wife and I had a chance to talk to her and hear a little bit of her story. She was kind enough to give us a copy of her CD which we listened to a couple of times on the way home.

You should go listen to her! I found her today on Spotify – she has her EP and has also recorded with Sons and Daughters. You can also find her EP on iTunes. Search for her on Facebook, too.

We really enjoyed hearing her music and meeting her. You should go give her a listen.