Blog Stats

internet-statistics I consider myself an “occassional blogger.” I know there are some people out there who post something everyday and actually support themselves through blogging. Not sure I would be up for that, but more power to those who can do that.

I’ve been blogging on WordPress for a few years now. My first post occurred on September 15, 2009. Since that time I’ve had a total of 423 posts (this one actually makes 424). I have picked up a few followers along the way, which I think is kind of cool. I’ve had 24,717 views of my blog and the highest was over 220 hits in one day just last month.

While I didn’t go back and look through all my posts, I know the majority of them have to do with books I have read, reposts from our blogs (especially other student ministers), stuff about my kids and family and then other random stuff.

I like how WordPress provides information on number of visits, comments made and different parts of the globe where people have visited. I’ve had visits from the UK, Canada, India, the Philippines and other countries. My guess is they run across the blog and then clicked off to somewhere else.

It’s been fun putting stuff up here and getting a few bits of feedback. It’s a good place just to voice something new, brag on my family or echo a great thought from someone else. So, if you are a follower or occasional visitor, thanks for swinging by!