Best & Worst Jobs in 2014

Our High School class is spending the month of November looking at the future. There are a number of decisions that teenagers need to make in regards to their future – what school to attend, what major to declare, what career to pursue, along with many other choices both big and small. We will explore some Biblical principles that God provides to help us in making these decisions.

One of our discussion topics is on career – what kind of work do I want to do for a large portion of my adult life? I started looking around at what the best and worst jobs are. I ran across this infographic on  A big part of where they were ranked was based on income, but thought it was interesting to get a feel for what career fields are currently trending well.

So, what about you?  What criteria did you use as your determined your career?  What was important to you as you were looking for a job?  Might be interesting for our high school students to hear.

best worst jobs infographic-2014