Christmas Devos For Teens // 5 Days // Free!

During this Christmas season, I’ve been receiving a number of emails with free resources.  This week Youth Ministry 360 made a five day Christmas devotion for teens available . . . for free!

Students can start them anytime this month.  The purpose of these devotions is to help students identify characteristics displayed by characters in the Christmas narrative, and challenge them to apply these in their lives.

Take advantage of this free resource  to prepare for Christmas.  Explore themes like surrender, thankfulness and trust.  A simple tool to use this season.

Click on this link to view or print the devotions:


Living Close to God review

Mr. Edwards begins his book in a different manner that one would expect. Rather than describing his qualifications for writing a book, he highlights his lack of ability to do what he is writing about. He points to the fact that he is not naturally a spiritual person, yet had the desire to grow in his relationship with Christ. The book is a description of how a person, even one who is not naturally a “spiritual person,” can grow closer to Jesus.

Reflecting a desire to make the pursuit of Christ accessible even to those who are illiterate, Mr. Edwards keeps things quite simple and practical. He uses his grandfather as an example that even uneducated people can live in close relationship to Jesus. While his grandfather didn’t have benefit of formal education, he displayed a deep relationship with God. Mr. Edwards’ desire was to have a relationship with Jesus similar to that.

Instead of focusing on the extensive reading of the classic writings of Christian authors or long hours in Bible study, Mr. Edwards talks about taking moments during the day – when one first awakes, when one gets in the car to leave for work, at lunch time – to touch Christ. Sometimes it is just taking 15 seconds to recognize God’s presence in the middle of a busy day.

One of the aspects of the book I appreciated was the use of scripture to connect with God. Rather than regale God with a long list of prayer requests, the author suggests slowly speaking a passage of scripture back to God. Using scriptures, such as Psalm 23, to speak to God, and slowing down before God creates an opportunity for the unspiritual person to experience an intimacy with his Creator.

This book offers some simple. practical steps for any believer to grow in his/her relationship with Jesus. It would be a good read for both the long-time and more recent follower of Christ. The real challenge will not be in reading the book; it will be in the slowing down enough to put these principles into practice.

(I received this book from WaterBrook Multnomah in return for my review of it. You can find more about this book and read an excerpt by clicking here.)